Tuition Fees

The following list of fees has been agreed for the enrolment:

Tuition fee


Fee for Processing,

incl. uni-assist


Fee for the first semester


Fee for the second semester


Fee for the third semester


Fee for the fourth semester


Total Fee



Please ensure that all additional fees for the bank transfer are paid at your home credit institution. 

For processing of the application and evaluation of all supporting documents a processing fee of € 375 is charged, due after successful pre-check. It covers all expenses for application including the handling fee at uni-assist. The final and official admission letter will  not be provided before the processing fee is credited at the account of IMS.

International money transfers can be expensive. For easier and cheaper transfer we suggest the use our Paypal button (Link zur Seite Application) for this payment.

After successful enrollment we will send an invoice for the tuition fee of the first semester. Prior to the next two semesters we will send the invoices for the remaining fees. Invoices will be sent about 4 weeks prior to the start of the current active period.

In case of cancellation at some point in time after enrollment, 50% of the remaining costs of the master course have to be paid.

The duration of the master program is four semesters, plus a feeless extension period of two semesters. In case of further extension a fee of 250 EUR each additional semester is agreed on.

The Master course will only take place if a minimum number of 15 participants are secured. The application remains valid for the next course term. Should the applicant drop out, the processing fee will be lost.

Why are the fees so moderate compared with other programs available?

As an institute associated with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences we are a non-profit institute. The master program Membrane Structures (M.Eng) is hosted by a German State University. Therefore, we maintain the costs as low as possible and tuition fee is calculated only to cover the expenses. The program is designed and organised every year since 2006 without compromising the level of education, delivering the finest expertise in the field of Membrane Structures.

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