Yavuz VURAL, Turkey

Alumni 2019, M.Eng and Archineer® M.St.


"From my point of view, designing a tensile membrane structure is a long way. To walk on this way requires knowledge from different disciplines.

IMS BAUHAUS is a compass for anyone who wants to progress in this route.

I would like to thank everyone who shared their knowledge and experiences with me."


Rostislav Lang, Czech Republic
Alumni 2017, M.Eng and Archineer® M.St.

"I studied the master program in Dessau focused on Membrane Structures and I am really glad of that decision since the time invested to this study brought many benefits to me. It was helpful for the development of software tools specialized on these structures in the RFEM software since I could discuss particular matters with the specialists all around the world. And also the comunity of students and teachers was really great. To all the people who create, teach and organize this wonderfull master course I must to say: Great job and thank you!"


Peter Novysedlak, Slovakia
Alumni 2017, M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures

“I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us for last, more than one year long period. You have prepared for us familiar background, feeling of importance, took care of things that we didn’t even know that they exist.

Now I know, that joining IMS was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. After the attendance week I am at home no longer than one day, but I already miss all of you very much. I have enjoyed every second of my study deeply in my soul and I will always keep it within me. Thank you!"


Siew Moi Tan, Singapore
Alumni 2012, M. Eng. and Archineer® Membrane Structures

"Thank you so much! By looking at the actual certificates, I see the ‘fruits’ of the studies and that I have finally completed the course. I am always grateful to Robert and teams and all of you for the invaluable lessons and assistance in making this possible. Once again, thank you and wishing IMS all the best."

Sergej Ryklin, Russia, Germany
Alumni 2009, M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures

The Course is very effective. It is possible to get to know how directly and convert it in the structure. The tutor team is always open for discussions and the atmosphere of Bauhaus Cafe with its long in the night conversations and delicious Beer is just unforgettable. The program is always in development and if I have enough free time, I would like to participate again! Thanks a lot!

Vyshak Suresh Kumar, Dubai
Alumni 2012, M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures

Studying at IMS was a whole different experience. First of all, students aged ranging from 22 years to 65 years and from various parts of the world with backgrounds in almost all disciplines of engineering, architecture and other academic subjects, and the experience gained from just interacting with them is far more than that you can get from any other institute.

Secondly, the teaching staff teach in a way even a person who is not from an engineering or architectural background can understand easily. Lecturers are there to help the students even at midnight.

After graduating from the University it was like I got an industrial experience of over 3 years and helped me in designing and in tackling complicated structures. The course has helped me change the way to approach a job depending on the situation as well as develop into a better person. I thank Prof. Dr. Robert Off, Sabrina, Mr Wolfgang, Nadine, Sandra, Heike, Mr James, Mr Gerry, Dr. Blum, Prof Dr Heidrun, M. Andreas, Mr Bletzinger, Prof. Dr. Bubner, Porf. Dr. Moritz, Mr Rein, Dr Greiner, all other teachers and the administration along with my fellow batch mates, seniors and juniors for this wonderful experience that I received at the IMS.


Abdul Sathar, India
Alumni 2010, Archineer® M.St.

I am in the tensile membrane structures industry since the last 12 years. I joined IMS in 2008. Before joining IMS, I was doing so many projects in India. But after I joined, I understood that there were lots of areas I had to improve in my designs and fabrication. IMS helped me to improve the quality of design and engineering which helped me to deliver quality projects to my clients. Furthermore, it was a different experience for me to meet experts in the industry from different parts of the world and exchange knowledge and experiences. Now my business has grown expanded to many countries in Middle East and South East Asia. My sincere thanks to Prof. Robert Off and his team to organize such a wonderful international course first time for the people working in the tensile Industry. I wish all the best and success to IMS.

Christian Günther, Germany
Alumni 2013, M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures

Studying membrane structures at the IMS gives a deep insight into the very interesting and challenging topic. I liked the mixed approach of the theoretical background and the very practical way to explain and teach the topic. That's really motivating! But most of all I liked meeting new interesting people from all over the world and that became a friendly 'IMS-Family'!"

Gustavo Ramirez Lares, Spain Alumni 2011, M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures For me, at the age of 42, it was a nice experience to start a new stage in my life and participate in a classroom again after 15 years. I say thanks to the IMS & Anhalt University for giving me this opportunity to learn and to give me all the knowledge that I need every day in my work. From the professional & personal point of view it is one of the best things I did in the last years. I had the opportunity to get to know excellent professionals and share with all of them our knowledge and professional experiences during the two years of the study course. Now I have 22 new friends around the world.

John Thilakh, India
Student M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures

This course made a major turn in my life. I started it intending to learn something about membranes as I was already working on it. This course gave me a wide opened option of taking up bigger challenges in the field of membrane structures. My life's turning point happened once I joined this course and I thank Prof. Dr. Robert Off for giving me the opportunity to take part in this course in their institution. From a moderate small manufacturer I had been elevated to one of big names in Membrane Structures in my country. This credit would goes to IMS and the people who are backing it up and working for it.

Aleksandar Vucur, Serbia
Alumni 2011, M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures

IMS – the only place where you can get all real answers regarding membrane world! Invaluable network of people from the same branch!! Fantastic atmosphere and a lot of real friends!!!

Edgar Mancilla, Guatemala
Alumni 2011, M.Eng and Archineer® Membrane Structures

The experience of studying the master course at the IMS has been a wonderful and great way expanding my horizons. Learning valuable qualifications helped me in my professional development. Also, it definitely has opened new opportunities for my company to engage bigger and better projects. Thank you IMS!!

Tansy Tan, Singapore Current student M.Eng. Membrane Structures Thank you all so much for your patience. You have brought the boring world of engineering into life. I have learned so much here. Although I am still waiting for some time to complete my course work, I am hoping to make another trip back to Germany to continue the learning.

Ali Mansour, Lebanon
Alumni 2014, M.Eng. and Archineer® Membrane Structures

It is one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever passed through; the technical information earned from IMS in the field of membrane structures changed the course of my life by having a wider knowledge. IMS gathered us as a family and after I finish the course I am sure I will be having regular visits because we really feel like we belong to this institute. I would like to thank Dr. Robert Off and the whole team of IMS for giving us this nice experience and making the dream of tensile structures a course that came true.


Ionut Craciun, Romania
M.Eng IWE EWE, Alumni 2014, M.Eng. and Archineer® Membrane Structures 

 “A warm thank you to all lecturers, IMS staff and especially to Prof. Dr. Robert Off for the excellent professional attitude regarding technical or nontechnical problems of the students, for me was once in a lifetime experience. 

Mark Twain said: "Great people are those who make others feel that they too can become great.” IMS is formed from great people, as a student if you agree to embrace and accumulate the information sent to you; for sure you will become also great. It's all up to you. For colleagues from all around the world, I cherish your friendship, forever.”


Anil Kumarfuria, India
Current student M.Eng. and Archineer® Membrane Structures

The course is an elaborate dream tour of complete process of visualization, design, detailing, manufacturing processes, installation of modern tensile membrane structures as per world class standards. Addressing all the queries & a permanent platform to share-learn from experiences of more than hundred participants of IMS anytime. Credit goes to the knowledgeable, hardworking, versatile, one & only Robert Off. Thanks to him we got an exposure to the best knowledge available in tensile membrane field. For me in person, I & my destiny are no longer the same. With this great exposure we are building few of the best tensile Structures in our country. Thanks to Robert!!! Thanks to everybody!!!

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