Archineer® - a worldwide protected title exclusively granted by IMS e. V.

Since March 2006, the IMS organizes the international master course in Membrane Structures at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau, Germany. Besides the academic master program for Membrane Structures, the IMS BAUHAUS® offers people with non-academic background the possibility to participate in the advanced professional training program  “Archineer® Membrane Structures”.

Archineer® is a protected, international registered trade mark, exclusively licensed to the IMS, granted to graduates of the Archineer® Membrane Structures program of the IMS only.

Interested people without academic study background, preferably with work experience in textile building, can participate in the program as guest students of the Anhalt University in Dessau. The advanced professional training program takes part together with the academic Master course for Membrane Structures and contains the same lectures. Like the Master program, the Archineer® program is an international distance learning course which is held parallel to professional life in English language only.

Guest students finish the course with the title “Archineer® Membrane Structures” awarded by the IMS BAUHAUS®. The academic students get granted the title Archineer® in addition to their Master´s degree.

The next course at the institute will start 08.-21.03.2020. Interested people with academic or non-academic background can apply now to reserve a place to study for the upcoming duration.

Here you can download the application form.

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