Course impressions of the attendance weeks

The first active week for the students starts with the introductory lectures by Prof. Dr. Robert Off, head of the study course. The students hear about important basic knowledge in textile constructions. Included is a workshop for physical modeling where the students developed an idea for a membrane design and built a little stocking model.



Besides the active weeks some students finished the study course with presentation of their master thesis. This was a good chance for the “freshmen” to see what they have to expect from the next semesters and what they will learn from the course.


Part of the first semester is an excursion to visit some membranes ending in Leipzig at the Gonwanaland of the Zoo. This dschungel area is covered by a   huge cushion contraction roof which will be introduced and explained by specialists of the contructing company Vector Foiltec.     


All current and previous students of IMS as well as friends, members and special guests are celebrating to the Grand Opening Party in the middle of the two attendance weeks in March.



Framed by the grand Opening the fresh Master`s in Membrane Structures get grated their official documents by the president of the Anhalt University.    



The third semester students present their results for the structural design and detail module.



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