Bus Station Guenzburg, Germany

Project of the Engineering Office Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Warisch, M.Eng. Membrane Structures, 2. Director IMS e.V.


Bus station Guenzburg, Germany (Covered Area: about 467m2)

Architecture/structural engineering:

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Warisch, Archineer® ´, M.Eng. Membrane Structures, www.warisch.com

City of Guenzburg

Membrane material: Verseidag B6915 Typ III, PVDF-coating, www.vsindutex.de

Covered area: about 467m²

Calculation software:

ForTen, Version 4000, by Gerry D´Anza, TSI s.r.l., www.forten32.com

This project is the cover for a new bus station next to the railway station in Günzburg, Germany. The numbers, sizes and orientation of the bus terminals were already fixed by the general planner who had also built some new buildings for the railway station, and could not be changed. The client wished for a beautiful membrane solution that, of course, had to be affordable.

The membrane consists of a PVC-coated PES-membrane with a translucency of only 6-10%. Usually, the translucency of a membrane is a very important factor. Due to the totally open structure, there will always be enough daylight from outside the construction. The tight costs did not allow other materials, anyway.

The calculation was done with the membrane program ForTen, Version 4000 by Gerry D´Anza. The test statics were executed by the Government Agency for Structural Engineering (LGA) without any objections.

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