Bus Terminal Königsbrunn, Germany

Project of the Engineering Office Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Warisch, M.Eng. Membrane Structures, 2. Director IMS e.V.


Membrane Cover for the Bus terminal Königsbrunn, Germany

Architectural Engineering:

Dipl.-Ing.Wolfgang Warisch, Archineer® M.Eng. Membrane Structures, www. warisch.com,

Prof. Dr. Robert Off, Archineer®,  Director IMS e.V.

Structural Engineering:

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Warisch, Archineer®, M.Eng. Membrane Structures, www.warisch.com

Builder: City of Königsbrunn

Covered Area: about 1440 m2

Material: PVC-covered Polyester membrane

The terminal is a three-nave arch construction. The membrane is clamped on the edges to the steel construction. The two wings of the construction have both a different geometry and size and are partially covered with a double layer membrane.

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