Our Team

Photo of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert  Off Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Off
Director | Management
+49 (0)152 / 09826667
Photo of M.Eng. Gustavo  Ramirez Lares M.Eng. Gustavo Ramirez Lares
Vice Director | Management
Photo of Heike  Kleine Heike Kleine
Executive Assistant
Management Master Program
+49 (0) 340 51 97 - 37 45
Photo of Prof. Dr. Günther H.  Filz Prof. Dr. Günther H. Filz
Board of Directors
Photo of Paolo  Giugliano Paolo Giugliano
Board of Directors
Marketing and Representatives
Photo of Georg  Habighorst Georg Habighorst
Board of Directors
Photo of Prof. Dr. Michael  Kuhn Prof. Dr. Michael Kuhn
Board of Directors
Real Estate
Photo of Dr. Heidrun  Boegner-Balz Dr. Heidrun Boegner-Balz
Board of Directors
Photo of Arq. Roberto  Santomauro Arq. Roberto Santomauro
IMS Bauhaus® Representative
of Latin America
Photo of Arq. Gerry  D'Anza Arq. Gerry D'Anza
IMS Bauhaus® Representative
of Italy
Photo of Stephan  Löffert Stephan Löffert
Management | Finances
Photo of Sabrina  Motaleb-Off Sabrina Motaleb-Off
Management | Controlling
Photo of Henning  Dürr Henning Dürr
Scientific Technical Assistant
Photo of René  Götze René Götze
Photo of Sagar  Vanapalli Sagar Vanapalli
Scientific Technical Assistant
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