Our Team

Photo of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert  Off Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Off
Director | Management
+49 (0)152 / 09826667
Photo of M.Eng. Gustavo  Ramirez Lares M.Eng. Gustavo Ramirez Lares
Vice Director | Management
Photo of Heike  Kleine Heike Kleine
Executive Assistant
Management Master Program
+49 (0) 340 51 97 - 37 45
Photo of Paolo  Giugliano Paolo Giugliano
Board of Directors
Marketing and Representatives
Photo of Georg  Habighorst Georg Habighorst
Board of Directors | Finances
Photo of Prof. Dr. Michael  Kuhn Prof. Dr. Michael Kuhn
Board of Directors | Real Estate
Photo of Arq. Roberto  Santomauro Arq. Roberto Santomauro
IMS Bauhaus® Representative
of Latin America
Photo of Stephan  Löffert Stephan Löffert
Management | Finances
Photo of Henning  Dürr Henning Dürr
Scientific Technical Assistant
Photo of Sagar  Vanapalli Sagar Vanapalli
Scientific Technical Assistant
Photo of Sabrina  Motaleb-Off Sabrina Motaleb-Off
Management | Controlling
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