Archineer® now protected for China

The International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has granted the protection of the international registered trade mark "Archineer®" issued now also by the Trade Mark Office of China.

This trade mark, exclusively licensed to IMS e.V., is granted to graduates of the Archineer® Membrane Structures program, which IMS offers to people with non-academic background in order to enable them to participate in the advanced professional training program “Archineer® Membrane Structures”.

More Information about the Archineer®-program here.

Master Program Membrane Structures renewed accreditation until 2021

Just right in time, next to the start of the 10th master program Membrane Strucutures and besides the International Membrane Symposium, Prof. Dr. Robert Off and his IMS team had to manage another very exciting and important event. Together with the Anhalt University IMS e.V. received the committee of experts in order to renew the accreditation of the Master Program Membrane Structures. 

After two years of preparation the visit of the committee was the final act before decision in realation to the request of re-accreditation. Therefore lecturers, students and staff have been asked questions about the study program. Facilities and lecture rooms of the university were inspected by the members of the commission.

Finally, IMS is able to announce that the Master Program Membrane Structures has got re-accreditation until 2021. We are very happy and proud.



International Membrane Symposium March 2015

On the occasion of the start of the 10th Master Program Membrane Structures IMS e.V. conducted an International Membrane Symposium and Reunion from 20. – 22.03. 2015. The three main topics of the symposium were international markets, education and research in the field of membrane structures.

Three exciting days filled with speeches, panel discussions and an excursion to Gondwanaland in Leipzig ended on Sunday evening with the Grand Opening of the 10th master program Membrane Structures.

Professor Off, director of IMS and initiator of this symposium was very satisfied in spite of participation, input and the results of this event. He wanted to encourage a debate between lecturers, students and the industries in regard to the current situation and requirements on the membrane market worldwide. In result of the symposium new ideas and corporations may be developed. New impulses have been given to improve the educational situation in this special field of textile building

Last but not least the symposium has been a very good platform to meet specialists from all over the world, exchange experiences and meet new partners and friends to extend the private and professional network. That was and still is one the main intentions of the work of IMS e.V. besides the master program.




A-IMS founded in Massachusetts


October 1st 2014 the “American Institute of Membranes and Shell Technologies, Networks and Communications, A-IMS, Corp.” has been officially and legally incorporated in the State of Massachusetts as a Non-profit Educational Corporation. The President and Director of the new Corporation is Dr. Pedro R. Munoz, Ph.D., P.E., Archineer® who is currently himself a participant of the Master Program of Membrane Structures at Anhalt University, in Dessau Germany. The founders Dr. Pedro R. Munoz and Prof. Dr. Robert Off, Professor of the Anhalt University and Director of IMS e.V. Germany, will undertake the tasks to organize and offer a variety of educational programs in different formats to the already existing International Master Program in Membrane Structures and Shells Technologies of IMS primarily in the USA with projections to other countries in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.  The development of specific educational Certificate Programs in Membranes and Shell Technologies for the USA is already in progress. More detailed information will be provided as the activities of A-IMS unfold in the USA.


IMS Students build and erect a Membrane at Anhalt University



At the end of the second semester of the master program Membrane Structures at Anhalt Universtiy, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany, a real membrane was built and erected by the students of the actual course.

After one week basically sitting and listening to the lectures the internship was a welcome change for the students. They were involved in any practical part of building and erecting a membrane after it was patterned. They did have to weld by hand and by using welding machines, test, ad details and finally help erecting the membrane. During this internship the students also learned how to find solutions for difficulties which arise during implementation of real projects.

Design and calculation were done by a student of a previous semester of the IMS master program who is actually working for the engineer´s office of Alfred Rein in Stuttgart. Alfred Rein has sponsored the design. Verseidag and Pfeifer supported the internship by sponsoring fabric and ropes.

The module was lectured by two experts in the field of membrane construction. Hans-Jörg Zabel from 2construct, Germany and Harry Buskes from CARPRO, Belgium.

Finally the membrane looks very nice and now is gracing the foyer of the lecture building No. 4 at Anhalt University in Dessau-Roßlau.


IMS goes to America


While visiting the SEI Structures Congress 2014 in Boston Prof. Dr. Robert Off also gave a lecture at the Boston Society of Architects  providing the idea and activities in education and research in the field of Membrane and Shell technologies at the IMS e.V.

As a result of the talks between Prof. Dr. Robert Off and the local US representatives the IMS e.V. became a professional provider of the AIA, the American Institute of Architects.

As a consequence the IMS is planning to organize seminars and workshops in America.

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