IMS BAUHAUS® welcomes famous architects from China

Three of China's most famous architects, Prof. Jiahua Wu, Prof. Jingtang He and Prof. Jianmin Meng, visited the IMS BAUHAUS® together with other members of a Chinese delegation on June 22nd 2019. The delegation came to Dessau-Rosslau to get to know the institute under the direction of Prof. Dr. Robert Off and took the opportunity to tour the Bauhaus on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

It was an honour for Prof. Dr. Robert Off and the IMS BAUHAUS® team to introduce their Archineer® institutes to the three famous architects from China and the members of the delegation. On this occasion Prof. Jiahua Wu, Prof. Jingtang He and Prof Jianmin Meng were appointed as honorary professors to the academic board of the IMS BAUHAUS® Archineer® Institutes and were awarded the protected title "Archineer® h.c." for their outstanding architectural achievements and their commitment to the IMS BAUHAUS®.

In the afternoon of the day, the three Chinese professors held short lectures on their works in front of many excited architecture students from the Anhalt University, for whom the encounter was a special event. After the lectures, the three famous Architects from China were surrounded by the students, signed autographs and made themselves available for photos.

In his presentation Prof. Off set his focus on the importance and possibility of a new Bauhaus 21 - the vision of a school for the building tasks of the 21st century.

Universidad de Montevideo
Universidad ORT, Uruguay
Office Building IMS BAUHAUS in Montevideo

IMS BAUHAUS® News – first Quarter of 2019

The Institute changed its name to IMS BAUHAUS®

At the end of last year our Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies, Building and Real Estate, IMS e.V.  officially changed its name. The new and shorter designation now is “Archineer® Institutes e.V.”  Furthermore, we are allowed to use the registered addition "IMS BAUHAUS®" in the name, which should help us to improve awareness worldwide and to promote our institute and activities, especially as this year the famous Bauhaus is celebrating its 100th anniversary.


IMS BAUHAUS®, expands to Latin America.

We are very proud to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding as a basis for future cooperation with two Latin American universities, the Universidad Montevideo (UM) and the Universidad ORT Uruguay.

At the same time, IMS BAUHAUS® founded a non-profit association in Montevideo, Uruguay. Under the leadership of Roberto Santomauro, the IMS representative for Latin America, the IMS BAUHAUS® Latino America can take on organizational tasks in connection with training in the Latin America region.

Our renowned training and research institute in the field of membrane construction and textile architecture has been organizing various academic and non-academic courses and symposia in membrane construction worldwide. As an affiliated institute of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau-Rosslau, Germany, IMS BAUHAUS has been successfully conducting a unique master's degree course in Membrane Structures for 14 years now. Due to the growing interest in the Latin American region, it is the goal of Prof. Dr. Robert Off and his team to expand the education in this special field of membrane construction and make it more accessible for regional participants. The foundation of IMS BAUHAUS® Latino America and the cooperation with the two universities in Uruguay shall be the basic of this new idea.

The first step of the new team is the organization of the first Latin American TENSILE intense in Santiago de Chile, taking place 14th to 19th of October 2019. Two students of the IMS master program, Carla Cortes and Diego Achurra, are involved in preparing this course. For more information please check here.



Upcoming Courses

08.-13.09.2019 - TENSILE intense, IMS BAUHAUS in Dessau-Rosslau, Germany

14.-19.09.2019 - TENSILE intense, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile




Again IMS student won IFAI Award 2018

Already one year after two IMS students won competitions of the IFAI Awards we are pleased to announce that again one of our current students was granted an IFAI Award, which was grated on the IFAI EXPO in Dallas Mexico"

We congratulate:

Samuel Alejandro Carrillo Garcia, Mexico

winning the IFAI Award of Excellence by submitting his project "Suspended Conoids in Building Durango" together with his company


View the project here

The 7th IMS International Textile Architecture Symposium, hosted at the very prestigious School of Architecture at the University of Miami successfully ended on late Saturday afternoon on May 19th 2018.

Within the three days of the symposium, concentrated lectures were held regarding planning, design and increasingly frequent inclusion of high‐tech membrane structures within the modern architecture. The symposium was a didactic and academic event counting on the experience of great professionals in the field of Membrane Building and Textile Architecture. At the same time the 90 attendees benefitted from the opportunity of networking and meeting professionals, students and craftsmen currently involved in the industry and the world of membrane or tensile structures during the two evening cocktail parties.

On Saturday afternoon the symposium was concluded after an interactive panel discussion where the specialists answered questions regarding education, future trends and development in the field of membrane and lightweight structure building.


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