Prof. Dr. Karsten Moritz


Personal Data


born in Hannover, Germany

Education/Professional Experience


Abitur, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany


Graduate Structural Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), University of Hannover, Germany


Graduate Architect (Dipl.-Ing.), University of Hannover, Germany


Doctoral Examination (Dr.-Ing.), Thesis: ETFE-Foil as Structural Element, Technical University of Munich, Germany


Professional Activities and Research


Project Manager, OBERMEYER PLANEN + BERATEN GmbH, planning and consulting company for buildings, environment, traffic and technical equipment, department of architecture and building construction, Hannover, Germany


Structural Designer and Construction Engineer, Deputy Head of Engineering Department, KOCH MEMBRANE STRUCTURES GmbH (later: SKYSPAN EUROPE GmbH), Company for planning and building in the field of membrane structures, Rimsting, Germany; 10/1998: Secondment to TENSYS Ltd., Office for structural design and engineering in the field of lightweight Structures, Bath, U.K.


Assistant Professor, Research in the field of lightweight Structures, Technical University of Munich, Faculty of Architecture, Chair of Structural Design, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel, Munich, Germany


Structural Engineer and Co-Owner, ENGINEERING + DESIGN Linke and Moritz GbR, Engineering Office for lightweight and Membrane Structures, Rosenheim, Germany


Director of Research & Development (R&D) incl. Test Laboratory, seele cover GmbH, Obing, Germany


Technical Director, seele cover GmbH, Obing, Germany

since 2016

Director of Research & Development (R&D), Taiyo Europe GmbH, Sauerlach, Germany

since 2011

Professor (hon.), Membrane Structures and Materials, University of Appplied Sciences, FH Anhalt, Dessau, Masterstudy of Membrane Structures, Lectureships: Structural Design Concepts (mandatory module, since 2006), Pneumatic Structures (optional module, since 2009), Dessau, Germany

Memberships / Volunteer experience

since 2016

Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) e. V., Berlin, Germany, Member of the German Mirror Committee for Membrane Structures

since 2016

Architectural Membrane Association (AMA) e.V., Dessau, Germany, Chairman of the Executive Board

since 2016

Bavarian Chamber of Architects, Munich, Germany, Registered Architect

since 2014

TENSINET, Brussels, Belgium, Member of Working Groups (ETFE-Foil Structures, Pneumatic Structures)

since 2013

ELSEVIER SCIENCE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Reviewer of Scientific Papers regarding to Applications with Fluoropolymer Films

since 2013

CIMNE, International Conference Structural Membranes, Munich/Germany and Barcelona/Spain, Member of the Scientific Committee

since 2007

UnternehmerTUM, Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany, Membership

since 2006

IMS BAUHAUS® Archineer® institutes e.V., Institutes for Membrane and Shell Technologies, International platform for education, communication, exchanging experiences and support, Dessau-Rosslau, Germany, Membership

since 1996

Chamber of Civil Engineers in Lower Saxony, Hannover, Germany, Registered Structural Engineer