News 28.08.2020

Prof. Dr. Robert Off about the sustainability of membrane construction

The magazine Textile network published an interview with Prof. Dr. Robert Off about the about the sustainability of membrane construction. According to Prof. Dr. Robert Off, Director of the IMS BAUHAUS® Archineer® Institutes e.V., lightweight…

News 09.06.2020

Next Master and Archineer Membrane Structures at IMS BAUHAUS starts online

In March 2021 the IMS BAUHAUS Archineer Institutes offer new courses for learning how to design, build and erect textile-, tensile- and cushion constructions, lightweight membranes and architectural fabrics. The next start will be a pure online…

News 01.07.2019

IMS BAUHAUS® welcomes famous architects from China

Three of China's most famous architects, Prof. Jiahua Wu, Prof. Jingtang He and Prof. Jianmin Meng, visited the IMS BAUHAUS® together with other members of a Chinese delegation on June 22nd 2019.

Generally 30.06.2019

Membrane on the Seminarplatz

Just in time for the campus party in Dessau, the IMS BAUHAUS® team again erected the membrane above the Seminarplatz.

Generally 29.06.2019

IMS BAUHAUS®, expands to Latin America

We are very proud to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding as a basis for future cooperation with two Latin American universities, the Universidad Montevideo (UM) and the Universidad ORT Uruguay.



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