University certificate program for Membrane Structures

Twice a year, in March and September, IMS organizes the attendance weeks for our master students and Archineer® education. However, some students cannot participate in the entire program due to lack of time, since this program and all the studying for the master and Archineer® degree take place in parallel to their regular businesses.

For interested students, primarily architects and engineers and other professionals without academic background and who do not intend to achieve a full master degree, but still want to get all information and learn all skills of the whole program, we offer a certificate program.

Certificate participants will receive the entire contents of the master program from internationally renowned lecturers and benefit from the exchange of experiences with architects and engineers from all over the world. The modules will be integrated into the attendance weeks and be finished with an examination leading to a certificate of participation granted by the Anhalt University. After successful completion of all three modules a University Certificate in the field of Membrane Structures will be granted as well as the Archineer® Certificate by the IMS e.V.

Notably, since the seminar does not contain further educational supervision and later support, we are able to offer the participation for an even more favorable price.

Certificate program

Module 1 - Architecture

Attendance week summer semester: 6.-19.3.2016

  • Membrane Concepts
  • Formfinding Software
  • Engineering Basics
  • Architectural Projects
  • Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • Exercise

Module 2 Detail / Patterning

Attendance week winter semester: September 2016

  • Detailing
  • Membrane Programs (Engineering)
  • Structural Design Concept
  • Pneumatic and foldable Membranes
  • Exercise

Module 3 Engineering/Economics:

Attendance week summer semester: 14.-19.3.2016 or March 2017

  • Building Physics
  • Production and erection
  • Patterning
  • Economics
  • Excise / Excursion

More information about the course content you find here:

Application requirements

To apply for participation please fill in the application form and send it together with your CV to

In case available please add the following documents:

  • Degree certificate and complete academic transcript
  • Scanned pass photo (38 x 48 mm)
  • Certificate of English skills, for example school report (TOEFLE or similar are not required)
  • Short statement with reasons for participation in the course
  • (Short Description of some of your projects, if you have so far)
  • Confirmation that shows 2 years work experience in the field of civil engineering, architecture, geo-informatics, mechanical engineering, textile engineering or comparable

Fees and payment

Processing Fee:           50 EUR

Seminar  1:             1.900 EUR

Seminar  2:             1.500 EUR

Seminar  3:             1.500 EUR

For processing of the application each seminar applicant is charged a fee of 50 EUR.

International money transfers can be expensive. We suggest using PayPal (including an additional transfer fee of € 5,00) to transfer the fee and avoid any additional banking costs. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Otherwise you may transfer the processing fee to the following bank account:

Payee: IMS e.V.

Credit Institution: Sparda-Bank Augsburg eG


IBAN: DE37 7209 05000 100 793990

Reason for payment: Processing Fee

After successful enrollment we will send an invoice for the tuition fee of the booked seminar about 4 weeks prior to the start of the current active period.

In case of cancellation at some point in time after enrollment, 50% of the remaining costs of the course have to be paid. Money already paid cannot be refunded at all. 
The course will only take place if a minimum number of 15 participants are secured. The application remains valid for the next course term. Should the applicant drop out, the processing fee will be lost.

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